dimanche 31 octobre 2010

[LCL22] Mastermind XS : One dub many roots (roots, dub, reggae, free download)

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[LCL22] Mastermind XS : "One dub many roots"
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) october 2010
CC by-nc-nd license


1 . Memories of a machine
2. Business of panic (instrumental)
3. Sunny day (instrumental)
4. Not free but not afraid (instrumental)
5. Stop that mission (instrumental)

::: CREDITS :::

Guitar, bass, sitar, thin whistle, keyboard, programming : Daniel
Vocals, melodica, keyboard : Heiko
Cover artwork : pkay


" Two old friends who went thru several bands and musical styles, an encounter, it's once again a unique story that we present to you packed in a 5 tracks instrumental dub EP that will let the sun shine in your mind during these cold winter monthes... "
LCL - october 2010

" This ep "One dub many roots" is our first release. It contains 5 instrumental versions of dub songs, it sounds like we mastered them by ourselves...
Thanks for listening to us, hope you will enjoy our music! Listen to the vocal versions and more songs on our Soundcloud page. Never mind the question, cause dub is the answer... "

Mastermind XS -october 2010

dimanche 24 octobre 2010

Two more submission to the remix contest : Breakbeat & electroacustic !

Have a listen to the latest submissions to "La Boite A Sons" comspotition contest !
Breakbeat from Germany, and Electrocustic from France...

Them Never Love No Bans (by Hotfire - Germany) by La boite a sons

Sa die de sa Sardigna (by Nakatano - France) by La boite a sons

jeudi 21 octobre 2010

New submissions to the composition contest : Dub & House materials !

Two new submissions to "La Boite a Sons" composition contest :
An even more dubby rework of Jambassa classic "Them never love the flower" by Dub One, and a funny house version of volatil's "No Bans".

"Them never love the flowers" (Dub One remix)
Them never love the flowers (by Dub One - Germany) by La boite a sons

"No Fun" (Sugar Prince Ijahman)
No Fun (by Sugar Prince Ijahman - USA) by La boite a sons

Be sure to check or follow La Boite A Sons Soundcloud to get all the new submissions

The contest is opened till end 2010, so it's still time to jump in : http://www.lclweb.org/free_soundbank.htm


LibreCommeLair (LCL)

samedi 16 octobre 2010

"La boite a sons" composition contest : submission online !

As promised, here is the first (of a long serie) track submitted to our composition contest, related to "La Boite A Sons" free online sounbbank.

As a starter dish, a solid rework of taiwanese #1 hiphop band "Kou Chou Ching", by Zengineers from Germany.

We'll upload on this page all the tracks submitted to the contest, so follow or come back if you don't want to miss one...

Your Name Is Taiwan (Zengineers RMX) by La boite a sons