mercredi 29 décembre 2010

LibreCommeLair "Just-before-2011" FMA Mixtape

To celebrate the comming of 2011 and close a well-filled musical year, we offer you a 13 tracks selection from our catalogue browsing most of our sonic orientations : dub, reggae, electronica, post-rock, folk,abstract...

We wish you all the best for the future, may creation remain free and platforms like FreeMusicArchive stand strong !

samedi 18 décembre 2010

LCL23 - Various Artists : Money no Mystic (free reggae/dancehall EP)


[LCL23] V.A. : "Money no mystic"
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) december 2010
CC by-nc-nd license


1. Au royaume de la monnaie (feat. Unity vibration)
2. Manifesto (feat. Bankil)
3. Digital system (feat. Garafe firm)


"More than one year after its initial release, Volfoniq's "Mystic riddim" comes back from a worldwide travel with new talented featurings from France, Mexico and Germany."
LCL - december 2010

" My feeling , inspiration and reason is the people of my country, exactly from Chiapas Mexico (EZLN), because they are warriors in a material ,fascist and globalized society, so I am telling in my songs about my experience and what I saw in my life. The music is like a instrument to make a connection with the people in the world, and try to leave a message for the next generations... "
Bankil - december 2010


Unity Vibration :
Bankil :
Garage Firm :


Get this release and lots of others for free and legal on LCL (LibreCommeLair) netlabel website !
Web >
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Soundcloud >

mercredi 24 novembre 2010

This friday @ Telerama Dub Festival : Dreadzone / Jahcoozi / Volfoniq

26/11/2010, Montpellier (FR), 20h00
Plus d'infos (french)

lundi 15 novembre 2010

Remix contest with LCL : browse submissions and jump in !

Check point on "La Boite A Sons" composition contest : browse all the 15 tracks in a row !

"La Boite A Sons" composition contest by La boite a sons
(the "buy" button side to each track will lead you to the soundbank page, it's not for selling anything)

More to come till end 2010 and still time to jump in the contest :


dimanche 31 octobre 2010

[LCL22] Mastermind XS : One dub many roots (roots, dub, reggae, free download)

Clic the cover to go to the free download page

[LCL22] Mastermind XS : "One dub many roots"
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) october 2010
CC by-nc-nd license


1 . Memories of a machine
2. Business of panic (instrumental)
3. Sunny day (instrumental)
4. Not free but not afraid (instrumental)
5. Stop that mission (instrumental)

::: CREDITS :::

Guitar, bass, sitar, thin whistle, keyboard, programming : Daniel
Vocals, melodica, keyboard : Heiko
Cover artwork : pkay


" Two old friends who went thru several bands and musical styles, an encounter, it's once again a unique story that we present to you packed in a 5 tracks instrumental dub EP that will let the sun shine in your mind during these cold winter monthes... "
LCL - october 2010

" This ep "One dub many roots" is our first release. It contains 5 instrumental versions of dub songs, it sounds like we mastered them by ourselves...
Thanks for listening to us, hope you will enjoy our music! Listen to the vocal versions and more songs on our Soundcloud page. Never mind the question, cause dub is the answer... "

Mastermind XS -october 2010

dimanche 24 octobre 2010

Two more submission to the remix contest : Breakbeat & electroacustic !

Have a listen to the latest submissions to "La Boite A Sons" comspotition contest !
Breakbeat from Germany, and Electrocustic from France...

Them Never Love No Bans (by Hotfire - Germany) by La boite a sons

Sa die de sa Sardigna (by Nakatano - France) by La boite a sons

jeudi 21 octobre 2010

New submissions to the composition contest : Dub & House materials !

Two new submissions to "La Boite a Sons" composition contest :
An even more dubby rework of Jambassa classic "Them never love the flower" by Dub One, and a funny house version of volatil's "No Bans".

"Them never love the flowers" (Dub One remix)
Them never love the flowers (by Dub One - Germany) by La boite a sons

"No Fun" (Sugar Prince Ijahman)
No Fun (by Sugar Prince Ijahman - USA) by La boite a sons

Be sure to check or follow La Boite A Sons Soundcloud to get all the new submissions

The contest is opened till end 2010, so it's still time to jump in :


LibreCommeLair (LCL)

samedi 16 octobre 2010

"La boite a sons" composition contest : submission online !

As promised, here is the first (of a long serie) track submitted to our composition contest, related to "La Boite A Sons" free online sounbbank.

As a starter dish, a solid rework of taiwanese #1 hiphop band "Kou Chou Ching", by Zengineers from Germany.

We'll upload on this page all the tracks submitted to the contest, so follow or come back if you don't want to miss one...

Your Name Is Taiwan (Zengineers RMX) by La boite a sons

dimanche 26 septembre 2010

New release : "Den Andra", Delgarma 2nd album (free download folk / World album)

(Click the cover to go to the download page)

[LCLCB05] Delgarma - Den Andra
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) september 2010
Creative Commons by-nc-sa 2.0 license

/ / / TRACKLISTING / / /

01 - Sweet as a cat (3'07")
02 - Demon (4'46")
03 - Dust (3'44")
04 - Louise (3'39")
05 - You can stay (4'58")
06 - Reveil (3'44")
07 - Cheesecakes (4'41")
08 - Je te laisse aller (4'00")
09 - Att sakna (3'00")
10 - Mummy (2'58")
11 - La colère (2'48")
12 - Wedding (2'42")


CARTE BLANCHE serie (LCLCB) : artists we like, that produce songs out of our usual musical line (dub and assimilated)

" Den Andra (that means "The second" in swedish) marks then end of a musical work that lasted more than 4 years.
Some of the album tracks are old tunes taht we finaly decided to record like “Mummy”, some others are quite recent like “Sweet as a cat”.
As the recording process takes a lots of time, it reflects in the songs, like a travel thru our different musical eras, influences, and instant wishes. Thru our life changes also.
We all agreed to put a little more electronic sounds, work the depth of the songs, to achiveve with this album a listening artefact, pleasant and strong.
We didn't agree all the time on the arrangements, the tracklisting and the cover (aaaaah, the cover...). Wild endless debats, hard to find majority, especially when you're four !"
Delgarma - september 2010

" Den Andra is more than an album title : it's september 2010 nice surprise ! A mystical inspired and an enchanting music served by a unique voice.
We were looking foward to listen it since... april 2007, so 3 years were needed to give birth to Delgarma's second album.
All in all, that's not this much time for an english/swedish/french folk artefact of this kind..."
LCL - september 2010

/ / / CREDITS / / /

Music : Delgarma (with J. Desposito for "Wedding")
Lyrics : Laïla roux
Produced by : Delgarma
Recordings : J. Desposito / Delgarma
Mixiing : J. Desposito
Artwork : J. Hagmann from a painting by Laïla Roux

jeudi 2 septembre 2010

COMPOSITION CONTEST : Deadline end 2010 !

COMPOSITION CONTEST : Deadline end 2010 !

The deadline of the composition contest associated to "La boite a sons" (LCL free sound bank) is set to 31st of december 2010. So you have still 4 monthes to get in and rework your favorite artists !

Click here to learn everything ...

dimanche 25 juillet 2010

New addition to our free sound bank : 3 tracks sources from Moolen !

If you liked Moolen's "Art of Heartwork" (LCLCB03), one of our latest release, here's a chance to rework three of the fine post-rock delights out of this LP : we just added the sources of "Dreamshard", "Brokentopflow" and "Fly part.2" to our free sound bank.

Tons of keyboards, synths, bass, drums, all free and legal download for you to play with.

Have an ear and don't forget to send us your work !

lundi 12 juillet 2010

Composition contest : work out LCL sound bank !


To introduce " La boite a sons " (LCL free sound bank) we organize a composition contest opened to every musician with no restriction of style.

1- Produce a track using one or several of the sounds featured in the bank
2- Send it to contest[at]lclweb[dot]org
You can mix the sources, tempo and style are free. Your work must not contain any copyrighted material.
3- A first pre-selection will be promoted via
4- A jury composed of cc music and netaudio actors will make a final selection, that will be released as a compilation on LCL

Click here to learn everything ...

::: FRANCAIS :::

Pour inaugurer " La boite a sons " (la banque de sons gratuite de LCL) nous organisons un concours de composition ouvert à tous les musiciens sans restriction de style.

1- Composez un morceau utilisant un ou plusiurs des sons de la banque
2- Envoyez-le à contest[at]lclweb[dot]org
Vous pouvez mélanger les sources, le tempo et le style sont libres. Votre oeuvre ne doit pas contenir d'éléments soumis à un copyright.
3- Une pré-sélection sera diffusée via
4- Un jury composé d'acteurs du netaudio et de la musique libre fera une sélection finale, qui sortira sous forme de compilation sur LCL

Cliquez ici pour tout savoir...

Calling all musicians : LCL free sound bank "La boite a sons" is online !

(LCL free soundbank)

::: ENGLISH :::

LCL is proud to present " La boite a sons", a free sound bank under a CC by-nc license, supplied by the artists that released or collaborated with our label.

The aim of this approach is to push further the use of CC licenses and encourage musicians to share more than just their tracks : share their raw materials !

Featuring samples from ARROGALLA, DISRUPT, JAMBASSA, KOU CHOU CHING, PEAK, VINILETTE, VOLFONIQ (to be growing aver time).
Many thanks to the involved artists for sharing their passion, and to the partners of this projects for supporting it.

You'll find bits of folkloric isntruments, reggae a cappella from Spain, hiphop a cappella from Taiwan, synth loops, drum loops and kits, lo-fi dub, electronics, organ slices, ...

You are free to use the samples, loops and a-cappellas in your creations as long as you respect the terms of the by-nc license.

> Browse the soundbank and meet the artists here <

::: FRANCAIS :::

LCL est fier de présenter " La boite a sons ", une banque de sons gratuite sous licence Creative Commons by-nc , alimenté par les artistes qui ont collaboré avec nous.

Le but de cette démarche est de pousser plus loin l'usage des licences Creative Commons en encourageant les musiciens à partager plus que leur morceaux : leur matière première !
Contient des samples de ARROGALLA, DISRUPT, JAMBASSA, KOU CHOU CHING, PEAK, VINILETTE, VOLFONIQ... (et plus à venir dans les prochains mois).
Un grand merci aux artistes impliqués de partager leur passion, et aux partenaires de ce projet de le soutenir.

Vous êtes libres d'utiliser ces samples, boucles et a-cappellas dans vos créations tant que vous respectez les termes de la licence by-nc.

> Explorez la banque de sons et les artistes ici <

jeudi 24 juin 2010

[LCLCB04] CLDSCP : "Menso Freakfolk" (freakfolk, electronica, lofi)

LCLCB04 - CLDSCP : Menso Freakfolk

[LCLCB04] CLDSCP - Menso Freakfolk
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) june 2010
Creative Commons by nc nd 2.0 license

/ / / TRACKLISTING / / /

01 - Sade
02 - Coctel
03 - Seres extranos
04 - Phone call
05 - Bondage
06 - Los manijas
07 - Convoy

Our fourth "Carte blanche" is given to Cldscp, an atypic duo from Argentina that brought the pop concept to its paroxysm, by composing in 2009 several tenth of tracks at an industrial rate with the most simple instruments : a mouth, a charango and some electronic toys.
The result is a crispy and childish love story you're not close to forget !

Click HERE or on the cover to go to the download page...

vendredi 4 juin 2010

New feature on LCL website : Interactive online Agenda !

We just added a cool new feature on LCL website

An interactive agenda with some nice features : check all LCL related artists gigs & events, get online maps to locate them, add the events your google agenda, share them...

View it online here

mardi 1 juin 2010

Moolen 's "Art of Heartwork" featured in an international extreme sports festival video presentation (FISE 2010)

Two tracks from Moolen's "Art of heartwork" LP (LCLCB03) were used in the video presentation of the FISE (International Festival of Extreme Sports) made for the city of Montpellier that hosts this huge event .

Call to all kitesurf, bmx, roller, and other wicked sports fans !

Video by Mathieu Vilcot
Music by Moolen (LCL nelabel)

jeudi 27 mai 2010

New release on LCL : "Recto Versus vol.2" compilation just out ! (dub, electronica, chiptune,...)

Recto Versus vol. 2

RECTO VERSUS serie : an artist from the label remixes and is remixed by other musicians, coming from LCL or invited.

After Volfoniq on volume 1, the second opus of the "Recto Versus" serie puts an artist from the label at the center of a vast collaborative work that lasted for one year and spreads over several countries.

Arrogalla and his colleagues expose their vision of a generous and universal musical language, using numerous sonic vocables : dub, lofi, dubstep, minimal, electronica, chiptune, funk, deviant hiphop, ...

Use the above player to browse the tracks, and click here or on the cover to go to the download Page !


Série RECTO VERSUS : un artiste du label est tour à tour remixé puis remixeur d'autres musiciens issus de LCL ou invités

Après Volfoniq avec le volume 1, le second opus de la série "Recto Versus" met un artiste du label au centre d'un vaste travail collaboratif qui s'est étalé sur une année et de nombreux pays.

Arrogalla et ses confrères vous livrent leur vision d'un langage musical généreux et universel en utilisant de nombreux vocables sonores : dub, lofi, dubstep, minimal, electronica, chiptune, funk, deviant hiphop, ...

Utilisez le player ci-dessus pour parcourir les titres, et cliquez ici ou sur la pochette pour accéder à la page de téléchargement !

mardi 18 mai 2010

Recto Versus 2 compilation : listen to the teaser mix !

Recto Versus 2 compilation : Teaser mix by LCL netlabel

This "teaser mix" presents some of the tracks that will be featured in "Recto Versus vol.2" compilation, to be out as free download on LCL (Libre Comme Lair) end may 2010.

No less than 21 tracks remixed from and by Arrogalla and featuring the talent of :
Dadub, Dr Dub, Ganga, Hyqo, Jambassa, King Kietu, Peak, Ras Amerlock,Ratapignata, Roots Ista Posse, Signorafranca, tdBt and the Garys, Vinilette, Volatil, Volfoniq; and featuring Claudia Aru Carreras & Quilo.

They all invite you to a musical feast made of dub, lofi, minimal, electronica, chiptune, funk, deviant hiphop and other spicy and exotic dishes...

lundi 26 avril 2010

New release on LCL netlabel : "LCLCB03 - Moolen - Art Of Heartwork" (post rock, folk, electronica)

LCL netlabel drives out of its usual "Dub and familiar" musical line to deliver a new "Carte Blanche" (the third of this serie). This Coup de Coeur is for a german musician called Moolen.

Let's visit with him post rock and electronica landscapes that seem at the same time odd and familiar. The master of both multiple instruments and sound production by this artist allows him to deliver an ambitious yet intimist mini LP, briding with success ambient fields with saturated episodes...

Use the above player to browse the tracks, and click here or on the cover to go to the download Page !


LCL sort de son habituelle ligne musicale "Dub et dérivés" pour vous présenter une nouvelle "Carte Blanche" (la troisième de la série). Ce coup de coeur est destiné à un musicien allemand nommé Moolen.

Visitez avec lui des paysages post-rock et electronica qui paraissent à la fois étranges et familiers. La maitrise à la fois de multiples instruments et de la production sonore par cet artiste lui permet de vous offrir une mini album ambitieux mais néanmoins intimiste, mariant avec succès plages ambient et épisodes distordus.

Utilisez le player ci-dessus pour parcourir les titres, et cliquez ici ou sur la pochette pour accéder à la page de téléchargement !

Join LCL netlabel on facebook, and benefit avant premieres and exclusive tracks !

You might be interested into getting in touch with us on Facebook :
All our fans (or should we say now "I-lik'ers") get access to our releases before everybody via the fan updates messages, and will also in the future get exclusive unreleased tracks and other goodies.

A nice way to get closer to the artists you like :)

The FB page also adds some nice features like an integrated soundcloud player...

Have a pleasant listening,

LCL Netlabel

mercredi 21 avril 2010

LCL Netlabel website update : social networks bar

Wondering how and where you can stay in touch with LCL Netlabel news ?
You'll now find on every page of LCL Netlabel website a convenient "Social Networks Bar" :

That's it, direct access to our Facebook fanpage, Twitter, RSS feed, Blog and Soundcloud page ;)

mardi 20 avril 2010

"Around the World in 20+ Dubs” special podcast


If you missed the fourth annual “Around the World in 20+ Dubs” special (by Terry C. & Dr. Strangedub) last friday, get it on :
> Part 1
> Part 2

Allong with tons of great tracks from around the world, it features an exclusive dubplate from Volfoniq featuring the mexicano-german singer Bankil Vrata (track #15)

Track listing for Around the World in 20+ Dubs

First Leg
1. Echo Beach “Around the World In Dub IV” Intro 2010 – TurnTableTerrorist – 2010 (1:55)
2. CHINA: Jiang Liang & IBX92 – Around the World in Dub – Unreleased track produced in 2010 (4:47)
3. JAMAICA: Chariot Riders – Dub Connection – B-side of the 7” release “Juice Connection” - Crystal Records 1974 (3:56)
4. ENGLAND: Dub Syndicate – Stop That Train – Dub No Frontiers – Upcoming release on On-U Sound – 2010 (3:56)
5. GERMANY/CANADA: Aldubb, Dubmatix, & Mighty Howard – Dub the Night – The Berlin Sessions – 12” & digital release - Irie Ites – 2010 (4:24)
6. ITALY: Smoke – Island Dub – Dub The World: Produced and Mixed by Umberto Echo - Echo Beach – 2010 (5:38).
7. SPAIN: HotDrop – Straight to the Greencat’s Head – Dis[cover] Showcase – LaFamille Music – 2010 (4:22)

Sound Bed - AUSTRALIA: Windup Toys – Deep Sea Dub – In Version: Dub Selections - Clan Analogue – 2006

Second Leg
8. CYPRUS: Haji Mike and the Dub Caravan – Thanks & Praises – Virtual Oasis – Upcoming release on DubMed – 2010 (4:22)
9. THAILAND: Ga-Pi – Return to the Dub Kitchen – Return to the Dub Kitchen – Hua Lampong Riddim Records – 2007 (5:04)
10. USA: Irish Moss – Bokkle - Versionist Tapes, Vol. 3 – – 2007 (5:23)
11. SWITZERLAND: Dub Spencer & Trance Hill – Goboi (Live Version) – Original version on “Return of the Supercops” – Echo Beach – 2007 (5:22)
12. SWEDEN: Uffe – Sewage Works – Unreleased track produced in 2008 (3:43)
13. BULGARIA: Daft Dub – Dubby Dub Bless – Unreleased track produced in 2009 (2:58).

Sound Bed - SCOTLAND: Lion of Joppa Soundsystem – The Glasgow East Skank – Unreleased track produced in 2008

Third Leg
14. GREECE: Vlastur – Cycladic Dub - Interaxion Dub EP - Original Dub Gathering – 2009 (5:58)
15. FRANCE: Volfoniq – Manifesto (featuring Bankil Vrata) – Upcoming release on the LCL net label – 2010 (3:32)
16. NETHERLANDS: Tony Dubshot – Sample & Hold (International Edition) – Upcoming release the Dubbhism net label – 2010 (5:35)
17. MALTA: Mind’s Eye Dub – Cross Dub (Reggae Club Dub Plate) - A Different World – Dubkey Records – 2010 (3:43)
18. IVORY COAST: Jacin – Pirates – Dubwild – Original Dub Sound – 2009 (4:46)
19. MALI: Vieux Farka Toure - Diarby Magni (Yossi Fine’s As Radiks Remix) - Other Roads: Fondo Remixed – Six Degrees – 2009 (4:55)

Sound Bed - FRANCE: Manudub Soundsytem – Underground Iration – Manudub Sessions – Unreleased track produced in 2008

Fourth Leg
20. AUSTRALIA: The Red Eyes – Arms Over Jordan – Rudeworld – Echofoxtrot – 2007 (4:48)
21. ARGENTINA: Dubsalon – Spiral Head Dub – Unreleased track produced in 2010 (4:58)
22. PUERTO RICO: Cultura Profetica – Un Deseo Dub - Dub The World: Produced and Mixed by Umberto Echo - Echo Beach – 2010 (4:56).
23. KOREA: Kimchi Effect – We Live – Unreleased track produced in 2010 (7:15).
24. HUNGARY: The Dublicator – Moveless Journey – Octopus 3 – Fresh Poulp – 2010 (6:57).

Sound Bed - AUSTRALIA: Trevor the Technician McKenzie – A Deadlier Version – Black Knight Vol. 3 – Upcoming self-release – 2010

mardi 13 avril 2010

Pushbinlou's "Dubby Sunday" mixtape on FreeMusic Archive (dub, dubstep)

Pushbinlou: Dubby Sunday

Check out the nice mixtape Pushbinlou made on, gathering tracks from this great alternative audio platform to construct a plylist involving dub, dubstep, and also electronica dishes.

You'll find several LCL netlabel ingredients in the receipe...

Download it for free !

vendredi 12 février 2010

[Friday feb. 12th] LCL speciale on Divergence Radio ! (FM + Web Stream)

[ENG] LCL speciale on Divergence FM - friday february 12th from 9 to 11pm !

« Elle est libre ma musique » (french radio show about free culture and music) invites LCL for a speciale. You can catch the stream on the web from 9pm (Paris time). 2 hours of positive talk and creative commons music in these dark days of ACTA menace...

[FR] Spéciale LCL sur Divergence FM - vendredi 12 février de 21h à 23h !

Pascal Rullier aux contrôles de l’Emission « Elle est libre ma musique » et LCL vous donnent rendez-vous sur les ondes du 93.9 (Montpellier) ou sur le web pour 2 heures de dialogues et de musiques autour de la culture libre, plus que jamais d’actualité en ces temps obscurs (LOPPSI, ACTA...).

mercredi 10 février 2010

[LCL20] Ras Amerlock : "2010, A Bass Oddity" (Trinity All Stars)

Ras Amerlock : "2010, A Bass Oddity (Trinity All Stars)"
LCL20 - 02/2010
LCL neltabel

Ras Amerlock is an american Dub producer who already released several tracks on the german netlabel "Jahtari" and autoproduced LPs and EPs.
This multi-instrumentalist, has a lot of hidden unreleased gems : here are some of them, just lightly remastered to fit in the same LP.
The tracks are rough and alive as vintage, if you approach your ears you might even hear the tape delay breathing...
Along the road, you'll meet some deluxe guests like Disrupt (Jahtari - Germany), Uffe (Sweden) and Mc Zulu (Perception 2020 - Panama).
A true Odd-yssey !

1 . Pre Historiker Dub (R.A. meets Uffe)
2. 7th See Dub in Twilight (R.A. meets Professor Balthazar)
3. Santiago meets Pach'o Merlock
4. Tribute to Volfoniq
5. Macht Doch Nicht Immer So Viel Aufheben (R.A. meets Disrupt)
6. Tribute to Disrupt (Nah Fuk Round Riddim)
7. Tread Wise (Version)
8. Red Light (R.A. meets Mc Zulu)
9. Ambassadors (R.A. meets Mc Zulu)
10. Leipzig im Winter
11. Runners Riddim

Click here to get the full release on LCL netlabel website !

mardi 9 février 2010

New : Get all LCL netlabel releases as Torrents !

It is a longly awaited feature you often asked us, now it's done : All the LCL netlabel releases are available as Torrents !

When you browse our audio catalogue, just watch for the button on each release page, it will lead to the page of the EP/LP.

Feel free to send us feedback on this new functionality.

Give thanks to Mininova for the content distribution !

dimanche 7 février 2010

LCL netlabel speciale on Netwaves #130

LCL is proud to be the subject of
Netwaves latest radio show (NWS130)

Let's hear what they say :
Netwaves digs in the rich crates of LibreCommeLair (ex "Les Cristaux Liquident"), a French electro & dub netlabel. Relax on this sweet reggae with a pastis.

Check the tracklisting and download the mixtape > on their website

Net revue : various links (february 2010)

Here is a short Net-revue of posts we found about LCL Netlabel on the web in february :

Schmidt Lösung (German)- who loves dub with a favor for Bughuinha Dub (LCL13)

Kopfueber (German) - who's talking about Volatil's "Refixed" EP

Muzorama (English) - chosed LCL as his "Label of the week"

Give thanks to them, have a nice reading !