mercredi 10 février 2010

[LCL20] Ras Amerlock : "2010, A Bass Oddity" (Trinity All Stars)

Ras Amerlock : "2010, A Bass Oddity (Trinity All Stars)"
LCL20 - 02/2010
LCL neltabel

Ras Amerlock is an american Dub producer who already released several tracks on the german netlabel "Jahtari" and autoproduced LPs and EPs.
This multi-instrumentalist, has a lot of hidden unreleased gems : here are some of them, just lightly remastered to fit in the same LP.
The tracks are rough and alive as vintage, if you approach your ears you might even hear the tape delay breathing...
Along the road, you'll meet some deluxe guests like Disrupt (Jahtari - Germany), Uffe (Sweden) and Mc Zulu (Perception 2020 - Panama).
A true Odd-yssey !

1 . Pre Historiker Dub (R.A. meets Uffe)
2. 7th See Dub in Twilight (R.A. meets Professor Balthazar)
3. Santiago meets Pach'o Merlock
4. Tribute to Volfoniq
5. Macht Doch Nicht Immer So Viel Aufheben (R.A. meets Disrupt)
6. Tribute to Disrupt (Nah Fuk Round Riddim)
7. Tread Wise (Version)
8. Red Light (R.A. meets Mc Zulu)
9. Ambassadors (R.A. meets Mc Zulu)
10. Leipzig im Winter
11. Runners Riddim

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