vendredi 12 février 2010

[Friday feb. 12th] LCL speciale on Divergence Radio ! (FM + Web Stream)

[ENG] LCL speciale on Divergence FM - friday february 12th from 9 to 11pm !

« Elle est libre ma musique » (french radio show about free culture and music) invites LCL for a speciale. You can catch the stream on the web from 9pm (Paris time). 2 hours of positive talk and creative commons music in these dark days of ACTA menace...

[FR] Spéciale LCL sur Divergence FM - vendredi 12 février de 21h à 23h !

Pascal Rullier aux contrôles de l’Emission « Elle est libre ma musique » et LCL vous donnent rendez-vous sur les ondes du 93.9 (Montpellier) ou sur le web pour 2 heures de dialogues et de musiques autour de la culture libre, plus que jamais d’actualité en ces temps obscurs (LOPPSI, ACTA...).

mercredi 10 février 2010

[LCL20] Ras Amerlock : "2010, A Bass Oddity" (Trinity All Stars)

Ras Amerlock : "2010, A Bass Oddity (Trinity All Stars)"
LCL20 - 02/2010
LCL neltabel

Ras Amerlock is an american Dub producer who already released several tracks on the german netlabel "Jahtari" and autoproduced LPs and EPs.
This multi-instrumentalist, has a lot of hidden unreleased gems : here are some of them, just lightly remastered to fit in the same LP.
The tracks are rough and alive as vintage, if you approach your ears you might even hear the tape delay breathing...
Along the road, you'll meet some deluxe guests like Disrupt (Jahtari - Germany), Uffe (Sweden) and Mc Zulu (Perception 2020 - Panama).
A true Odd-yssey !

1 . Pre Historiker Dub (R.A. meets Uffe)
2. 7th See Dub in Twilight (R.A. meets Professor Balthazar)
3. Santiago meets Pach'o Merlock
4. Tribute to Volfoniq
5. Macht Doch Nicht Immer So Viel Aufheben (R.A. meets Disrupt)
6. Tribute to Disrupt (Nah Fuk Round Riddim)
7. Tread Wise (Version)
8. Red Light (R.A. meets Mc Zulu)
9. Ambassadors (R.A. meets Mc Zulu)
10. Leipzig im Winter
11. Runners Riddim

Click here to get the full release on LCL netlabel website !

mardi 9 février 2010

New : Get all LCL netlabel releases as Torrents !

It is a longly awaited feature you often asked us, now it's done : All the LCL netlabel releases are available as Torrents !

When you browse our audio catalogue, just watch for the button on each release page, it will lead to the page of the EP/LP.

Feel free to send us feedback on this new functionality.

Give thanks to Mininova for the content distribution !

dimanche 7 février 2010

LCL netlabel speciale on Netwaves #130

LCL is proud to be the subject of
Netwaves latest radio show (NWS130)

Let's hear what they say :
Netwaves digs in the rich crates of LibreCommeLair (ex "Les Cristaux Liquident"), a French electro & dub netlabel. Relax on this sweet reggae with a pastis.

Check the tracklisting and download the mixtape > on their website

Net revue : various links (february 2010)

Here is a short Net-revue of posts we found about LCL Netlabel on the web in february :

Schmidt Lösung (German)- who loves dub with a favor for Bughuinha Dub (LCL13)

Kopfueber (German) - who's talking about Volatil's "Refixed" EP

Muzorama (English) - chosed LCL as his "Label of the week"

Give thanks to them, have a nice reading !