lundi 13 juillet 2015

July 14th : First #NetlabelDay edition !

Save the date ! July 14th 2015 is the first edition of the Netlabel Day.
On this date, more than 80 digital labels answered the call launched from Chile to make a massive release of tens of EPs and LPs on the same place :

We will participate with a special compilation featuring 14th artists, regulars from our place mostly, and an exclusive dubclash between OICHO (aka David Harrow) and On-u sound tape archivist Dr Dub.

Follow #NetlabelDay everywhere...

mardi 26 mai 2015

[LCL49] mildtape : Gologone (free minimal dub EP)
[LCL49] mildtape : Gologone EP   
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) May 2015


 / / / TRACKLISTING / / /
01 - Apnea
02 - Aspira
03 - Surface (Volfoniq remix)

::: ENGLISH :::
"Just delving... drowning down the deep dub. We encountered a cave, a large underground lake, where we sailed endlessly. Then Echo guided our conscience through the ascent, and a friend rescued us next to the sea."

::: FRANCAIS :::
"Il suffit de plonger... se noyer dans le dub plus profond. On découvrit une grotte, un grand lac souterrain, où nous naviguâmes sans fin. Puis Echo guida notre conscience vers l'ascension, et un ami nous sauva aux abords de la mer."

/ / / CREDITS / / /
. Vocals on track #3 are from Arte Radio recordings, Creative Commons licensed.
Big thanks to them for this amazing sound library !
. Mixed, dubbed and mastered @ Dubomatic Mix Room (Torino / Bruxelles)
. cover art by CNZ

/ / / ARTIST BIO / / /
::: ENGLISH :::
Mildtape is a variable speed dub unit, spacing from analog to digital domain in sound – and back again.
Their roots are located at the Dubomatic Mix Room, while their branches grow into the international dubcloud.
A special taste for vintage as well as for sci-fi, hi-fi, lo-fi – places mildtape at the crossroad between many musical paths and influences, mainly bass driven.

::: FRANCAIS :::
Mildtape est une machine a dub, aleatoire comme un magneto a bande, oscillant entre l'analogique et le numérique.
Ses racines se trouvent au Dubomatic Mix Room, et ses branches se déploient dans "l'international dubcloud".
Un gout tout aussi prononce pour le vintage que la science fiction, le lo-fi, la hi-fi, place mildtape au croisement de nombreux chemins musicaux, mais ils restent toujours guides par la basse.

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jeudi 23 avril 2015

[LCL48] Control Tower remixed in "Declaration of Love" ! (dub, chanson & more...)

This is the story of a french chanson “Comment fallait-il”,
clipped in New York, and then over the years remixed in Brazil, Germany, Italy and France.
The loop is looped, the friendship is global, and the theme universal !

mardi 24 mars 2015

[LCL47] From Iraq to Sweden, Den Dagen remixes (dub, reggae)

All tunes have their story, and this one started 2 years ago, when iraqui producer Eqube met Mr Noon. A first version was born, followed this year by three remixes from Doobie Sound (Sweden), Steinregen (Germany) and Volfoniq (France). Three very different relectures that open new chapters…



lundi 5 janvier 2015

[LCL46] Caballo break all tags with his new EP !

During his sonic explorations, Caballo accidentaly opened a transmusical portal from where Cumbia bass, voodoo Kizomba and post-nuclear pow wow gave birth to a 7 tracks ufo labeled "Digital nomad". The name could'nt be more suitable...

Browse the EP in the hereafter player, and if you do not fear, follow this link to go to the release page !