dimanche 31 juillet 2011

[LCL28] Manudub - Elephant Room Sessions

[LCL28] Manudub : "Elephant Room Sessions"
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) july 2011

Creative Commons by-nc-nd license



01. Ascetic Club
02. Osaka Dub Mission
03. Huay Kwang Dub
04. Underground Dub Iration
05. Dub Day
06. You never know Dub feat. Al Capone
07. Chao Praya Dub
08. Dub for a girl
09. 21st Century Dub Cloud
10. Irie Dub feat. Leah
11. Massalia Dub Selecta


" Manudub is a long time dub activist, animating a radio show in Marseille France, and also a long time connexion of LibreCommeLair.
This collection of tracks from the Elephant Room Sessions is a perfect LP to chill out with during this 2011 sumer !"

LCL - july 2011

" I would define this LP as a travel diary with a " Lo-fi higrade computer Dub 2.0 " soundtrack : homestudio dub inspired by jamaican
& punk philosophy of DIY, blended with inspirations and energy stored during my excursions in Asia. This is also the result of years
sharing with a lot of other "dub activists" from around the web, the track with Leah is a good example of this process.
I call this different communities & networks "Dub 2.0"..."

Manudub - july 2011

::: CREDITS :::

+ Music & mastering : Manudub
+ Lyrics & vocals : Al Capone (#6) / Leah Rosier (#10)
+ Artwork : Kamel Tazit

Thanks & big up :
Dee Banse, Dub Rifles, Etmo, El Bib & all @ Dub Vibrations, Forward-I, Gary Asquith, Jah Billah, Jiang Liang, Lion of Joppa, LEah Rosier,
LysergicSoundDub, Selector Jonathan, Sensistar, SubAtlas Dub Macka & all @ The Weedical Dubplex Space, Kamel Tazit, The Carlita Conspiracy,
Tony "dubbhism" dubshot, Volfoniq & LibreCommeLair crew, and you !!!

::: ARTIST BIO :::

Manudub discovered DUB in the early 80’s through the punk energy from bands like The Clash, The Slits & such, which drove him to the Jamaican masters such as Prince Far I & King Tubby,Jah Shaka...
Supporter of the DIY philosophy, he builds up his home studio and begins to produce some electronic dub tracks while working at " Wax records", the indie-electronic record-shop of Marseille. Probably the best place to deepen his musical culture...
For the past 10 years, this French dub-activist has shared his vision of dub & bass culture through several radio shows on "Radio Grenouille", and played as a DJ in different venues and festivals, such as Szeiget, Air Libres and many others clubs...
Manudub also worked with several artists of the dub planet, from China to Jamaica, England to Japan…
His motto ? “No boundaries but DUB”.


Manudub : Manudub Facebook Page


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